My mission is to live a meaningful, enjoyable, balanced life with integrity, gratitude, and compassion.

I have worked in diverse fields yet they all have common threads.  I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and strive to be a person capable of adapting to any situation.  My background includes working as a rock climbing instructor and camp counselor in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in my earlier years.  During my mid twenties, summers were spent on sport fishing boats while honing my skills as a surf bum in Southern California and Mexico for 3 years.  I traded the beaches to return to the mountains to work as a wild land fire fighter and my first season was one of the worst in recorded history.

 I’ve always enjoyed seasonal work as it affords the ability to travel in the off season.  Traveling helps to put things into perspective and to see how others live. In my early twenties I traveled to Europe for a little over a month and in 2009, turning thirty I bought a motorcycle having never ridden one in my life.  For a month and a half I traveled 6,000 miles through  Mexico learning to ride a motorcycle.

Currently I am working on various video projects (see my FILM page) as well as working as a G.I.S. specialist on major wild fires (see my FIRE page).  In my spare time I grow food through permaculture principals and with biointensive techniques (check out my FARM page).  I like to film, travel, kayak, canoe, camp, mountain bike, garden, surf, fish and anything else that gets me outside.

My credentials include A Bachelors degree from Chico State University in Social Science and an Associates degree in Natural Sciences from Sierra College.  I also have certifications as a Permaculture designer from Oregon State University and as an Emergency Medical Technician.






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